Tomorrow we travel to Cardiff Dragons as we make our GFSN debut in what should be an exciting encounter against a Dragons team who will be looking to avenge the 6-2 defeat we inflicted on them when we met in the GFSN Shield last season. We travel with a squad of 16 who will be travelling from all over the UK to represent us and includes 15 year old Emily Waldron who is travelling from Liverpool to pull on the pink and blue shirt!

For those who do not know the GFSN is split into 2 divisions and we naturally have been placed in Division 2 for this season where each team will play each other once with a split of home/away games. The fixture computer has not been very kind to us this season as we face 5 away games with 4 of these being the furthest possible as we have to travel to Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol later on in the season. We also travel to East End Phoenix who are based in London. Our home games are all London derbies with the exception of Trowbridge who travel to us in November.

In the GFSN Cup we have been drawn away to Leftfooters whom we will play on October 21st in Leyton East London. If successful then the 1/4 finals will be on November 11th in Birmingham.

The GFSN Shield was redrawn for some reason which denied us a meeting with Swansea Galaxy which was were looking forward to…we have now been drawn to play Charlton Invicta and London Freedom.

All our matches this season will be streamed live via the Veo App so please keep an eye on our socials as we will be posting links before the games. A full list of fixtures are on our website and if you can come and cheer us on then please do!