TRUK were left disappointed to miss another week in the goalposts league as Vibes FC pulled out of the fixture just a couple of hours before it was due to be played citing lack of players…..this was super frustrating as some TRUK players were making their way to the ground and had taken either the day or 1/2 day of work so they could play in this match!

Vibes put a message out in the morning checking that they were playing us and we then received message at 4pm saying they could not fulfil the fixture. We offered them a couple of players but received no reply leaving us frustrated to miss another week of football as we are now have not played a fixture in this competition for 6 weeks!

Whilst we get a 6-0 walkover the fact they lost 12-2 to Coats and Goalposts means that they have gained +4 more goals than us and should the season come down the GD then that could be the deciding factor. A Lot of football has to be played before we get to that scenario but that is a possibility.

Seeing as we have paid to play in the league we have asked the League for a refund for this week as we were not in the position to collect subs and cannot afford to throw money away.

We hope to be back in action next week…..